Exclusive Services

Warranty on products

Sira Industries is the only one to guarantee its products for 20 years (Bimetal range) and 15 years (Die-cast and extruded aluminium radiators). Our competitors limit the maximum guarantee to 10 years. This feature is essential in the perception clients have of the quality of our products.

Le radiateur sèche-serviettes sont garantis pendant 2 ans.

In addition, Sira Industrie is covered by international ALL-RISK insurances that compensate any eventual damage to structures, persons or properties as resulting from a product’s failure. This warranty aims to make the total quality service offered by Sira Industrie even more tangible.

After Sales Service

Sira Industrie is willing to assist its clients with an effective after-sales service:

  • ALL –RISK Insurance
  • Online technical assistance
  • User’s and warranty manuals to provide complete informations in multiple languages
  • Clients have the possibility to speak directly with the company, even in unusual or infrequent languages ​ such as Russian and Chinese
  • Complete assistance in the event of products failure, thanks to a wide distribution network
  • Immediate replacement of defective products.

Customisation, OEM

Sira Industrie has the necessary production flexibility to satisfy custom requests on products and / or their packaging, even under client’s own brand. This allows our clients to have several commercial options that may benefit their selling volumes, their margins and their reputation on the market.

When volumes involved are particularly high, Sira Industrie can even work on client’s requests to design its own product. Once again, the market demands, Sira Industrie responds.